Monday 5/13

4:00 PM - Conference Begins: Sponsors' Open House

7:00 PM - California Dreaming ~ Reception & Dinner

Tuesday 5/14

7:00 AM - Breakfast & Conference Sessions

12:00 PM - Lunch & Afternoon Activities

7:00 PM - Trivia Night ~ Dinner & Reception

Wednesday 5/15

7:30 AM - Breakfast & Conference Sessions

11:00 AM - Conference Adjourns

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Keynote Speaker: Tyler Shultz

Fraud is Not a Trade Secret: A Conversation with Tyler Shultz

How can a company acquire a $10 billion valuation built on fraud? How does a 20-something Stanford dropout deceive esteemed statesmen and titans of industry? What leads someone to defraud hundreds of employees, thousands of investors, and millions of patients on an unprecedented scale? Tyler Shultz, the man most responsible for bringing down Theranos, answers these questions and more. In a compelling conversation, Shultz takes audiences through his time as an employee at Theranos, discussing everything from his relationship with Elizabeth Holmes, to the faulty blood testing technology, to his efforts to expose the truth about Theranos. With humility and candor, Shultz addresses the importance of corporate governance, modern-day business ethics, Silicon Valley culture, and the lessons the corporate world can learn from Theranos’ historic fraud.


Tyler Shultz is an entrepreneur fostering innovation in healthcare. He graduated from Stanford with a Biology degree and entered the national scene when he courageously blew the whistle at Theranos. Tyler complained to the public health regulators in New York and was a source for a series of Wall Street Journal articles exposing Theranos’ dubious blood-testing practices. Owing to his role in exposing the fraud, Shultz was featured in Bad Blood, the book about the scandal penned by John Carreyrou, the original author of the Wall Street Journal articles, as well as in Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley.

Conference Sessions

Executive Risk Claims Update – Preparing for the Inevitable?

Perennial conference favorite Dan Bailey will lead a distinguished panel of senior industry claims executives to discuss the latest D&O claims developments and concerns.  Join us as we explore new and increasing liability exposures, D&O claim handling best practices, effective ways to address common coverage issues, and proactive loss mitigation practices. Learn from these experts why D&O risk management today means so much more than purchasing insurance.

Getting Pwned:  Why smart people get duped by hackers
What are the fundamental human characteristics that threat actors use to  target individuals and why do intelligent people miss the warning signs?  Our panel of former professional human intelligence collectors will start from the ground up and talk about the underlying social conditions that have allowed successful espionage for millennia and are now luring people into giving away their private information on the internet and beyond.  The audience will review a real humint operation that showcases how clever, and easy, it is to design a multi-layered phishing campaign that will yield a big financial payoff for the hacker.  The session will also cover tips and lessons that everyone can use both at work and outside of work to avoid getting “pwned”!

Representation & Warranty Claims: How to Maximize Your Recovery
R&W insurance has seen explosive growth over the last few years, but are these policies paying losses?  Some R&W insurance underwriters have significant claims experience, some others have few (if any) claims.  At a high level, the market is still in its early stages.  But claims will be here soon, and the industry depends on their fair and efficient resolution.  In this panel, a leading outside advisor to insurers, an insured who has recovered under a R&W policy, and the head of McGriff’s Transactional Insurance Division, address R&W-claims big picture, the panelists’ experience with specific claims, and best practices for asserting and resolving future claims.

A Market in Transition, a Reinsurance Perspective
Do D&O rates really need to go up dramatically? How closely are insurers monitoring their “silent cyber” risk? Steve Prymas, Vice President and Specialty Lines Manager of Gen Re, discusses his broad reinsurance perspective of the health of the executive lines insurance marketplace, including D&O and cyber. Steve will provide insight into the current drive for rate across many of the executive lines and reinsurer’s role in this segment of the industry. Expect a spirited discussion with our insurer conference sponsors that attend this session.

The Financial Impact of Cyber Threats- Rumors, Truth, Innuendos and Facts
How can you accurately quantify or predict something that changes by the minute and where no two events have or ever will be the same?  The short answer is you can’t. The longer answer is that after 2 years of technology based cyber clustering, there are clear trends that can help guide the conversation and transition a risk decision into an ROI one. We will take a deeper review of the FIT model, past, present and future, and interactively show the technologies, industries, threats and global activities that consistently have the largest implied effect on maximum probable cyber loss.

The Untouchables - Insuring Fines, Penalties and Taxes goes to Pot!
This Panel will lead a discussion of historical “untouchables” like punitive damages, fines,  penalties and taxes, that in many instances present insurability issues.  We will then address current market solutions such as wrap policies as well as other potential insurance program solutions that may reduce or eliminate traditional insurability hurdles.


Robyn Melnyk
Alexis Williams


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